Trick to restart Windows without restarting your PC

Mostly Computer takes lots of time for restart. Sometimes we need to restart our computer, that time it becomes necessity like after installing some software but when we have limited time and we are busy then it is very annoying to wait for it to restart.

So here is solution for this problem. In that case you need not to restart your computer but you can restart your windows without restarting computer. It will take very less time.

To restart windows without restarting computer you just need to hold Shift key down while clicking on shutdown or restart button.Your computer would restart without restarting the Computer.

Restart Windows without Restarting PC, this term is known as Hot Booting.

When you click on the start button > shutdown you have two options. One is restart (warm boot) reboots the computer without turning it completely off.
Cold boot (shutdown) compltetely turns your computer off. You then have to push the startup button to turn it back on.

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